New Product – COVID_19

Dual-Spectral Thermal Imaging Camera

Dual-Spectral Thermal Image Camera

  • AI Thermal Imaging Camera: Automatically temperature detecting on multiple targets.
  • FaceAI Operating with Thermal Tracing technology: Temperature Display around face, quick response and trace.
  • Fever Alarm Warning-Face image captured on temperature above 37.5°C/99.5°F.
  • AI Tracing technology-Precisely temperature detection on fast moving, mask wearing, and cap/hoody wearing.
  • High Resolution Sensor Chip- 250*190 pixel,Thermal conductivity < 50W/m-K,Precise temperature ±0.3°C
  • Fast Temperature Measurement: 10 fps/sec., distance 3 to 4 meters, up to 5~7 objects/sec.
  • Outdoor Using Available.
UV_C Portable Sterilizer

Portable UV_C Sterilizer

  • Medical Grade Deep UV-LEDs (DUV-LED) Japan Chip Module
    • Longer life, and ECO/Green than UV Lamp
    • Mercury Free
    • UV Intensity /UV Dosage per Second: 40480 uJ/cm2@270nm wavelength
  • Disinfect/Destroy 99.99% Germs DNA/RNA less than 5 seconds
  • Made In Taiwan-Accept OEM/ODM Order
  • Deep UV-LEDs are Prohibit using on Live objects (human beings and animals)
    • UV light damages human skin, so it should only be used on objects or surfaces.
  • Beware of that UV radiation “can cause skin irritation and damage your eyes.” 

List of OEM/ODM DUV-LED Sterilizer